misreading; misreads

To misread something is to read it but understand it in the wrong way. If you misread an article about local politics, you might end up supporting a candidate whose views you don't actually agree with.

When you interpret a book, online article, or magazine story incorrectly, you misread it. You can also misread people, when you don't understand how they feel or what they intend: "She tended to misread cranky customers at the coffee shop, thinking they were joking when they were actually angry about something." The prefix mis- means "bad" or "wrong," and read can mean both "comprehend printed matter" or "make out a person's character."

Definitions of misread
  1. verb
    read or interpret wrongly
    “He misread the data”
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    type of:
    read, scan
    obtain data from magnetic tapes
  2. verb
    interpret wrongly
    “I misread Hamlet all my life!”
    synonyms: misinterpret
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    type of:
    read, take
    interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression
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