Misery is a state of deep unhappiness or discomfort. It's not dropping your ice cream cone. It's having a hairy monster steal your ice cream cone, eat it in one bite, and then kidnap you and carry you off to his cave.

Misery describes a miserable situation and a miserable feeling. Waiting four hours in the hot sun for a concert you don't want to see and can't afford? That's misery. The only way to survive is to bring a friend who hates the band as much as you––because misery loves company.

Definitions of misery

n a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune

“the misery and wretchedness of those slums is intolerable”
miserableness, wretchedness
concentration camp
a situation characterized by crowding and extremely harsh conditions
living death
a state of constant misery
suffering, woe
misery resulting from affliction
Type of:
lack of prosperity or happiness or health

n a feeling of intense unhappiness

“she was exhausted by her misery and grief”
Type of:
sadness, unhappiness
emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being

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