A mirror is a glass surface backed with a metallic coating that reflects images that are in front of it. When you gaze at yourself in a mirror, your own face gazes right back at you.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" asks the evil queen in "Snow White," as she admires her reflection. Ordinary mirrors can't answer this question, but they can show you how you look in your new hat or whether you have spinach between your teeth. And the verb mirror means "reflect," as when the surface of a lake mirrors the sky.

Definitions of mirror
  1. noun
    polished surface that forms images by reflecting light
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    car mirror
    a mirror that the driver of a car can use
    cheval glass
    a full length mirror mounted in a frame in which it can be tilted
    hand glass, hand mirror
    a mirror intended to be held in the hand
    glass, looking glass
    a mirror; usually a ladies' dressing mirror
    pier glass, pier mirror
    a large mirror between two windows
    a mirror (especially one made of polished metal) for use in an optical instrument
    outside mirror
    car mirror that reflects the view at side and behind car
    rearview mirror
    car mirror that reflects the view out of the rear window
    type of:
    device that reflects radiation
  2. noun
    a faithful depiction or reflection
    “the best mirror is an old friend”
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    type of:
    depicting, depiction, portrayal, portraying
    a representation by picture or portraiture
  3. verb
    reflect as if in a mirror
    “The smallest pond at night mirrors the firmament above”
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    type of:
    reflect, reverberate
    throw or bend back (from a surface)
  4. verb
    reflect or resemble
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    type of:
    give evidence of
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