Being mindful means paying close attention to or being especially conscious of something. If you are aware of the fact that your friend is upset, you're mindful of her feelings.

Sometimes mindful has the sense of "careful," as when a farmer is mindful of the amount of water she uses during a drought, or when you're mindful of the fact that your little sister easily gets her feelings hurt. In Old English, myndful meant "of good memory," or "having a good mind," while the related word myndig had a meaning similar to today's mindful.

Definitions of mindful
  1. adjective
    bearing in mind; attentive to
    “ever mindful of her health”
    mindful of his responsibilities”
    mindful of these criticisms, I shall attempt to justify my action”
    synonyms: aware
    careful, heedful
    cautiously attentive
    evocative, redolent, remindful, reminiscent, resonant
    serving to bring to mind
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    forgetful, mindless, unmindful
    not mindful or attentive
    amnesiac, amnesic
    suffering from a partial loss of memory
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