Definitions of midpoint

n a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure

center, centre
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the middle part of a slack rope (as distinguished from its ends)
center of curvature, centre of curvature
the center of the circle of curvature
the center of the Earth
bull, bull's eye
the center of a target
center of gravity, centre of gravity
the point within something at which gravity can be considered to act; in uniform gravity it is equal to the center of mass
center of mass, centre of mass
point representing the mean position of the matter in a body
the center of an object
navel, navel point
the center point or middle of something
the center point on a shield
the central part of the Earth
the positively charged dense center of an atom
(astronomy) the center of the head of a comet; consists of small solid particles of ice and frozen gas that vaporizes on approaching the sun to form the coma and tail
center of buoyancy, center of immersion, centre of buoyancy, centre of immersion
(physics) the center of mass of the immersed part of ship or other floating object
center of flotation, centre of flotation
the center of gravity of a floating object
(astronomy) the common center of mass around which two or more bodies revolve
the center of mass of an object of uniform density
corn cob, corncob
the hard cylindrical core that bears the kernels of an ear of corn
Type of:
the precise location of something; a spatially limited location

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