Other forms: medalists

If you win a commemorative metal disk in a sports competition, you can call yourself a medalist. Win first place in an Olympic event and you'll be a gold medalist!

Back in the 1750s, a medalist was a person who made medals from metal — a particular kind of metalsmith. By the end of the 18th century, the word was also used for someone who received or won a medal, and that's since become the more common definition. If you want to be a medalist, you'll need to practice your skills at the high jump, start a heroic military career, or become a champion speller.

Definitions of medalist
  1. noun
    someone who has won a medal
    synonyms: medallist
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    type of:
    victor, winner
    the contestant who wins the contest
  2. noun
    (golf) the winner at medal play of a tournament
    synonyms: medal winner, medallist
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    type of:
    golf player, golfer, linksman
    someone who plays the game of golf
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