The process of beginning to use machines, technology, and automation to do work is called mechanization. A farm's mechanization might include replacing a horse-drawn plow with a gas-powered tractor.

Your candy-making business might start in your kitchen, where you make truffles by hand, shaping each individual chocolate yourself. Mechanization could mean having them made on an assembly line. Throughout history, mechanization has meant faster production and increased revenue, though it can also result in the loss of jobs. Mechanization can be traced back to the Greek mekhanikos, "inventive or ingenious" and also "pertaining to machines."

Definitions of mechanization
  1. noun
    the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology; usually involving electronic hardware
    synonyms: automation, mechanisation
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    computerization, cybernation
    the control of processes by computer
    type of:
    high tech, high technology
    highly advanced technological development (especially in electronics)
  2. noun
    the condition of having a highly technical implementation
    synonyms: mechanisation
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    type of:
    condition, status
    a state at a particular time
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