Things done in a deliberate, rhythmic way are measured. When you're walking toward a deer in the woods, trying not to scare it off, you'll take slow, measured steps.

When you meditate, you take measured breaths and pay attention to the inhale and exhale. And your measured strides up the side of a mountain trail will carry you more quickly to the top than short, erratic bursts of walking and stopping. Measured also means "thoughtful" or "careful," like the measured words you use in your delicately worded resignation letter.

Definitions of measured
  1. adjective
    having notes of fixed rhythmic value
    synonyms: mensurable, mensural
  2. adjective
    the rhythmic arrangement of syllables
    synonyms: metric, metrical
    rhythmic, rhythmical
    recurring with measured regularity
  3. adjective
    carefully thought out in advance
    “with measured irony”
    synonyms: calculated, deliberate
    resulting from one's intentions
  4. adjective
    unhurried and with care and dignity
    “walking at the same measured pace”
    synonyms: careful, deliberate
    relaxed and leisurely; without hurry or haste
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