Your mattress is the padded part of your bed that rests on top of the frame or box springs and is covered in a sheet. Some people prefer a soft, squishy mattress, while others like their mattresses firm.

Some mattresses have a system of springs inside to provide just the right amount of firmness and bounce when you lie on them. Others are made of a dense kind of foam that supports a sleeper's body comfortably. The earliest mattresses were filled with straw or horse hair, and in many societies people don't sleep on mattresses at all, instead using mats or futons. The Arabic root of mattress is al-matrah, "thing thrown down."

Definitions of mattress
  1. noun
    a large thick pad filled with resilient material and often incorporating coiled springs, used as a bed or part of a bed
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    air mattress
    a mattress that can be stored flat and inflated for use
    feather bed, featherbed
    a mattress stuffed with feathers
    mattress consisting of a pad of cotton batting that is used for sleeping on the floor or on a raised frame
    paillasse, palliasse
    mattress consisting of a thin pad filled with straw or sawdust
    a mattress filled with straw or a pad made of quilts; used as a bed
    spring mattress
    a mattress containing springs in a rigid frame
    a light mattress
    a type of inflatable air mattress
    type of:
    a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort
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