Other forms: matrons

A matron is a dignified, serious-minded married woman. The warden in a women's prison is also called a matron, which may lead you to conclude that the term is often not a glowing compliment.

In a wedding, you can have a maid of honor (the bride’s unmarried attendant) or a matron of honor (one who’s married). Matron includes the Latin root mater, "mother" — as in “maternal,” “maternity,” and “matrimony.” You may imagine matrons as gray-haired and stern, like Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and to avoid negative stereotypes, the title matron, for the woman who runs a nursing home or boarding school, is often replaced with the gender-neutral “director.”

Definitions of matron
  1. noun
    a married woman (usually middle-aged with children) who is staid and dignified
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    type of:
    married woman, wife
    a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
  2. noun
    a wardress in a prison
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    type of:
    a woman warder
  3. noun
    a woman in charge of nursing in a medical institution or school
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    type of:
    one skilled in caring for young children or the sick (usually under the supervision of a physician)
    adult female, woman
    an adult female person (as opposed to a man)
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