To marry someone is to make an official, ceremonial commitment to be partners. You can marry someone in a church, barefoot on a beach, or in a courthouse.

Some people marry their long-time sweethearts, while others abruptly choose to marry after knowing each other briefly. The officiant who leads the wedding ceremony, whether they're a judge or an ordained minister who's also an Elvis impersonator, is the person who marries the happy couple. The Latin root is maritare, "to wed or marry," and also "to give in marriage."

Definitions of marry
  1. verb
    take in marriage
    synonyms: conjoin, espouse, get hitched with, get married, hook up with, wed
    splice, tie, wed
    perform a marriage ceremony
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    marry within one's own tribe or group
    marry an unsuitable partner
    marry a woman, take a wife
    take (someone) as a wife
    marry within the same ethnic, social, or family group
    marry, not for the first time
    type of:
    unify, unite
    act in concert or unite in a common purpose or belief
  2. verb
    perform a marriage ceremony
    “The minister married us on Saturday”
    synonyms: splice, tie, wed
    conjoin, espouse, get hitched with, get married, hook up with, wed
    take in marriage
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    solemnise, solemnize
    perform (the wedding ceremony) with proper ceremonies
    type of:
    act in an official capacity in a ceremony or religious ritual, such as a wedding
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