As a verb maraud means to rove about the countryside looking for goods to steal and in general, to make mayhem and trouble. The Gilbert and Sullivan opera "The Pirates of Penzance" is about a band of marauding pirates, the daughters of Major-General Stanley, and a big misunderstanding.

The word maraud comes from a Middle French word that means "rascal or rogue." A marauder is someone who marauds and marauding describes people who raid and plunder. As a noun, a maraud is a quick, short foray. As a teenager, you may have participated in a midnight maraud to festoon your friend's house with toilet paper or capture the mascot of your rival sports team.

Definitions of maraud

v raid and rove in search of plunder

“maraudi ng rebels overran the countryside”
Type of:
foray into, raid
enter someone else's territory and take spoils

n a sudden short attack

foray, raid
air attack, air raid
an attack by armed planes on a surface target
a very rapid raid
Type of:
incursion, penetration
an attack that penetrates into enemy territory

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