A mantel is a shelf that sticks out just above a fireplace. People often put trophies and pictures on their mantel.

If your house has a fireplace, chances are you also have a mantel. A mantel is a handy place to display anything you like looking at or want to show off to visitors. Trophies and prizes are common things to find on a mantel, as are pictures of family and friends. If you want people to see something, put it on the mantel.

Definitions of mantel
  1. noun
    a shelf that projects from the wall above a fireplace
    synonyms: chimneypiece, mantelpiece, mantle, mantlepiece
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    type of:
    a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects
Commonly confused words

mantle / mantel

A mantle is a covering, like a robe. But a mantel is a ledge over a fireplace. If Little Red Riding Hood tosses her cloak on the shelf above her fireplace, she has a mantle on the mantel.

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