When you get a manicure, your fingernails get filed and shaped and possibly painted red. You might get a manicure at a spa or salon as a way to pamper yourself.

You can pay a professional to give you a manicure, or you can do a manicure at home with a nail file and a bottle of nail polish. Some people get manicures for fun and relaxation, while others don't feel well dressed without the perfect nails that a manicure provides. In French the word manicure means "care of the hands," and it comes from the Latin word for "hand," manus.

Definitions of manicure
  1. noun
    professional care for the hands and fingernails
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    type of:
    beauty treatment
    enhancement of someone's personal beauty
    aid, attention, care, tending
    the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something
  2. verb
    trim carefully and neatly
    manicure fingernails”
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    type of:
    separate with or as if with an instrument
  3. verb
    care for (one's hand) by cutting and shaping the nails, etc.
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    type of:
    groom, neaten
    care for one's external appearance
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