A maid is a household worker who cleans and performs various other tasks. Today, only very wealthy people have maids — it's much more common to hire an occasional housekeeper or cleaner instead.

In the US, it's uncommon to find a household with an actual maid, a servant who lives in the home and tidies it up, also doing jobs like ironing, grocery shopping, and cooking. In the old days, wealthy families employed maids who wore uniforms and sometimes waited on one individual woman, helping her dress herself and cleaning up after her. Maid, short for maiden, originally meant "unmarried woman."

Definitions of maid
  1. noun
    a female domestic
    synonyms: amah, housemaid, maidservant
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    chambermaid, fille de chambre
    a maid who is employed to clean and care for bedrooms (now primarily in hotels)
    handmaid, handmaiden
    a personal maid or female attendant
    lady's maid
    a maid who is a lady's personal attendant
    parlormaid, parlourmaid
    a maid in a private home whose duties are to care for the parlor and the table and to answer the door
    type of:
    domestic, domestic help, house servant
    a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household
  2. noun
    an unmarried girl (especially a virgin)
    synonyms: maiden
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    (Greek mythology) a maiden seduced by Zeus; when Hera was about to discover them together Zeus turned her into a white heifer
    damoiselle, damosel, damozel, damsel, demoiselle
    a young unmarried woman
    type of:
    fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman
    a young woman
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