Things that are magnetic are attracted to metal. Also, people with charisma are called magnetic. If everything is attracted to you, whether you’re a refrigerator door or a rock star, you’re magnetic.

Magnetic literally refers to something that attracts metal, like iron or steel. Refrigerator doors are magnetic, so magnets stick to it. Also, someone who is very popular and attracts people has a magnetic personality. A powerful speaker who attracts many fans has a magnetic way of speaking. Magnetic people make you want to get closer, like you’re being pulled by their magical magnetic force. Both senses of magnetic have to do with attraction.

Definitions of magnetic

adj of or relating to or caused by magnetism

magnetic forces”

adj having the properties of a magnet; i.e. of attracting iron or steel

“the hard disk is covered with a thin coat of magnetic material”
magnetised, magnetized
capable of being magnetized or attracted by a magnet
impervious to the effects of a magnetic field; resistant to magnetization

adj capable of being magnetized

not capable of being magnetized

adj determined by earth's magnetic fields

magnetic north”
“the needle of a magnetic compass points to the magnetic north pole”
geographic, geographical
determined by geography
determined with reference to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles
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adj possessing an extraordinary ability to attract

“a magnetic personality”
pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm

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