Magenta is a bright reddish-purple color. If you dye your hair magenta, you'll really stand out in a crowd.

Magenta is a shade that's related to colors like fire engine-red and hot pink — it's deep and bold. The color called fuchsia is nearly the same, a mixture of red and blue that's across from green on a color wheel (in other words, green is magenta's complementary color). Magenta-colored dye was first produced in the 1850s, and the color was named after the 1859 "Battle of Magenta" in the Second Italian War of Independence.

Definitions of magenta
  1. noun
    a primary subtractive color for light; a dark purple-red color; the dye for magenta was discovered in 1859, the year of the battle of Magenta
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    type of:
    purplish red, purplish-red
    a red with a tinge of purple
  2. adjective
    of deep purplish red
    being or having or characterized by hue
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