Madcap things are done in a foolish, rash, or impulsive way, without planning or thought. Your madcap adventure might include a spur-of-the-moment bus ride to a nearby city without enough money in your pocket to buy lunch.

The adjective madcap, which can simply mean "impetuous," can also have a sense of "funny and eccentric." A movie that's described as a madcap comedy will probably be full of broad slapstick and laugh-out-loud physical humor. Madcap, dating from the 16th century, originally meant "lunatic" or "crazy person," from the "head" sense of cap — in other words, a madcap was a "crazy head."

Definitions of madcap

adj characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation

madcap escapades”
brainish, hotheaded, impetuous, impulsive, tearaway
lacking in caution

n a reckless impetuous irresponsible person

daredevil, harum-scarum, hothead, lunatic, swashbuckler
a reckless and impetuous person
Type of:
adventurer, venturer
a person who enjoys taking risks

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