If you're mad about something, you've lost your temper. If you've gone mad, you've lost your mind.

Just like it's more common to be angry than to be insane, you're more likely to use mad to describe someone who's ticked off than to describe someone who has serious mental problems. If you say you're “mad about” something, you're saying you like it so much it distracts you.

Definitions of mad
  1. adjective
    roused to anger
    “she gets mad when you wake her up so early”
    mad at his friend”
    synonyms: huffy, sore
    feeling or showing anger
  2. adjective
    affected with madness or insanity
    “a man who had gone mad
    synonyms: brainsick, crazy, demented, disturbed, sick, unbalanced, unhinged
    afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement
  3. adjective
    marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion
    “a mad whirl of pleasure”
    synonyms: delirious, excited, frantic, unrestrained
    marked by extreme lack of restraint or control
  4. adjective
    very foolish
    “a completely mad scheme to build a bridge between two mountains”
    synonyms: harebrained, insane
    devoid of good sense or judgment
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