1. lusus naturae a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed
  2. signature your name written in your own handwriting
  3. assassinator a murderer (especially one who kills a prominent political figure) who kills by a surprise attack and often is hired to do the deed
  4. lesser centaury common European glabrous annual centaury with flowers in dense cymes
  5. Lonas inodora shrub of southwestern Mediterranean region having yellow daisylike flowers
  6. genus Centaurea knapweed; star thistle
  7. key signature the sharps or flats that follow the clef and indicate the key
  8. law of nature a generalization that describes recurring facts or events in nature
  9. US Senate the upper house of the United States Congress
  10. pulasan tree East Indian fruit tree bearing fruit similar to but sweeter than that of the rambutan
  11. loose sentence a complex sentence in which the main clause comes first and the subordinate clause follows
  12. time signature a musical notation indicating the number of beats to a measure and kind of note that takes a beat
  13. genus Zenaidura mourning doves
  14. assassinate murder; especially of socially prominent persons
  15. unsanitary not sanitary or healthful
  16. genus Antheraea large moths whose larvae produce silk of high quality
  17. resonator an electrical circuit that combines capacitance and inductance in such a way that a periodic electric oscillation will reach maximum amplitude
  18. human nature the shared psychological attributes of humankind that are assumed to be shared by all human beings
  19. Alpha Centauri brightest star in Centaurus; second nearest star to the sun
  20. U.S. Senate the upper house of the United States Congress