Calling something luscious means it's appealing and incredibly pleasing to the senses. That goes for good-looking people as well as a rich piece of chocolate cake.

An adjective meaning richly appealing or scrumptious, luscious is actually believed to be a shortened version of delicious. Synonyms include succulent, savory and enticing — all words that can also be used to either describe a perfectly cooked steak or your crush's unbelievable, irresistible lips.

Definitions of luscious
  1. adjective
    having strong sexual appeal
    synonyms: juicy, red-hot, toothsome, voluptuous
    marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest
  2. adjective
    extremely pleasing to the sense of taste
    synonyms: delectable, delicious, pleasant-tasting, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy
    pleasing to the sense of taste
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