To lug something is to drag or haul it. If you have to lug a heavy backpack to school, look into buying a fashionable backpack on wheels.

If you overpack for a trip, you might end up having to lug your suitcases around the airport, and if your grocery bag breaks on your way home, you'll have to lug your gallon of milk and bunches of bananas in your arms instead. As a noun, lug has several less common meanings, including "a handle-like projection," and "an asymmetrical four-sized sail." Informally, a lug is also an ear in Scotland, and a bully in North America.

Definitions of lug
  1. verb
    carry with difficulty
    “You'll have to lug this suitcase”
    synonyms: tote, tug
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    type of:
    carry, transport
    move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body
  2. verb
    synonyms: block, choke up, stuff
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    loosen up, unstuff
    cause to become unblocked
    type of:
    back up, choke, choke off, clog, clog up, congest, foul
    become or cause to become obstructed
  3. noun
    a projecting piece that is used to lift or support or turn something
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    type of:
    any structure that branches out from a central support
  4. noun
    a sail with four corners that is hoisted from a yard that is oblique to the mast
    synonyms: lugsail
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    type of:
    fore-and-aft sail
    any sail not set on a yard and whose normal position is in a fore-and-aft direction
  5. noun
    marine worms having a row of tufted gills along each side of the back; often used for fishing bait
    synonyms: lobworm, lugworm
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    type of:
    polychaete, polychaete worm, polychete, polychete worm
    chiefly marine annelids possessing both sexes and having paired appendages (parapodia) bearing bristles
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