Lox is brined, smoked, and very thinly sliced salmon that's often served with cream cheese on bagels. You can almost always find lox at traditional delis in large cities; it's the pink, slimy stuff next to the cold cuts.

There are many different kinds of lox, all of them first cured in brine (a marinade of salted water), and most of them then lightly smoked. Bagels and lox is a speciality of most Jewish delicatessens, which is fitting since the word lox comes from the Yiddish laks, or "salmon." It shares an Indo-European root with the Scottish and Scandinavian word for lox, gravlax.

Definitions of lox
  1. noun
    brine-cured salmon that is lightly smoked
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    Scandinavian lox
    salt-cured Scandinavian salmon
    Nova Scotia lox, Nova Scotia salmon, Nova lox, Nova salmon, Nova style salmon
    brine-cured salmon that is less salty than most; sometimes sugar is also used in the curing
    type of:
    smoked salmon
    salmon cured by smoking
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