Something with longevity has the ability to last for a long time. While tortoises are not known for their quickness, their longevity is amazing. Just ask the Hare.

At the root of longevity is the word long. So when you see longevity, think “a long time." In fact, this word has some serious longevity, since it's been around since the 1600s. Longevity is most commonly used to describe the length of one’s lifetime, but it can also mean a long duration, such as one’s longevity working for a certain company for an extended period of time.

Definitions of longevity
  1. noun
    the property of being long-lived
    synonyms: seniority
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    type of:
    the opposite of youngness
  2. noun
    duration of service
    “her longevity as a star”
    “had unusual longevity in the company”
    synonyms: length of service
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    type of:
    duration as an extension
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