1. law merchant the body of rules applied to commercial transactions
  2. line of merchandise a particular kind of product or merchandise
  3. wine merchant someone who sells wine
  4. grain merchant a merchant who deals in food grains
  5. merchandise commodities offered for sale
  6. John Marquand United States writer who created the Japanese detective Mr. Moto and wrote other novels as well (1893-1960)
  7. salt merchant someone who makes or deals in salt
  8. rug merchant a merchant who sells rugs
  9. merchant a businessperson engaged in retail trade
  10. Pan American Day a day celebrating political and economic unity among American countries
  11. Lotus americanus North American annual with red or rose-colored flowers
  12. unmerchantable not fit for sale
  13. change hands be transferred to another owner
  14. long pants trousers reaching to the foot
  15. penchant a strong liking or preference
  16. genus Erignathus bearded seals
  17. liniment a topical liquid that relieves muscle stiffness and pain
  18. Solanum giganteum woolly-stemmed biennial arborescent shrub of tropical Africa and southern Asia having silvery-white prickly branches, clusters of blue or white flowers, and bright red berries resembling holly berries
  19. Latin American a native of Latin America
  20. retail merchant a merchant who sells goods at retail