Something livable is habitable — in other words, it's nice enough to live in. Your first apartment might not be beautiful or spacious, but it's livable.

A renter might make her little house more livable by hanging curtains and painting the dark walls in lighter colors, and an animal shelter might need to make their kennels more livable for dogs, with soft beds and plenty of fresh water. Another way to use this adjective is to mean "worth living," as when you say, "Even when my job isn't going well, my family makes life livable."

Definitions of livable
  1. adjective
    fit or suitable to live in or with
    livable conditions”
    synonyms: liveable
    habitable, inhabitable
    fit for habitation
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    unlivable, unliveable
    unfit or unsuitable to live in or with
    not fit for habitation
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