A lion is a distant relative of your adorable pet kitten: a large, wild cat found in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Male lions have thick, golden-colored manes around their necks.

While the male lion is arguably more striking than the female, it's the females who do nearly all the hunting for a group, or pride, of lions. Tigers are actually larger than lions, making "the king of the beasts" the second-largest wild cat. Because of their strength and power, images of lions are often used as symbols on flags and coats of arms. It's also common to call a strong, courageous person a lion.

Definitions of lion

n large gregarious predatory feline of Africa and India having a tawny coat with a shaggy mane in the male

Panthera leo, king of beasts
lion cub
a young lion
a female lion
a small or young lion
Type of:
big cat, cat
any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild

n a celebrity who is lionized (much sought after)

social lion
Type of:
celebrity, famous person
a widely known person

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