1. Lost Tribes the ten Tribes of Israel that were deported into captivity in Assyria around 720 BC (leaving only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin)
  2. line triple a triple resulting from a line drive
  3. sand trap a hazard on a golf course
  4. antitrades wind in the upper atmosphere blowing above but in the opposite direction from the trade winds
  5. land tax a capital tax on property imposed by municipalities
  6. interpose introduce
  7. iontotherapy therapy that uses a local electric current to introduce the ions of a medicine into the tissues
  8. genus Triops type genus of the family Triopidae: small crustaceans with a small third median eye
  9. giant tortoise very large tortoises of the Galapagos and Seychelles islands
  10. under wraps kept secret
  11. intrepid invulnerable to fear or intimidation
  12. blind trust a trust that enables a person to avoid possible conflict of interest by transferring assets to a fiduciary; the person establishing the trust gives up the right to information about the assets
  13. round trip a trip to some place and back again
  14. wind turbine a turbine that is driven by the wind
  15. contrabass largest and lowest member of the violin family
  16. philanthropist someone who makes charitable donations
  17. nose drops street names for heroin
  18. sand dropseed erect smooth grass of sandy places in eastern North America
  19. blunt trauma injury incurred when the human body hits or is hit by a large outside object (as a car)
  20. Centropus a genus of Cuculidae