Likewise means "similarly." Your attempt to bypass security with a fake ID was unsuccessful, and your guise as a pizza deliverer was likewise ineffective.

Likewise is an adverb with three different senses. One is "similarly." You were unimpressed with your brother's poetry, and likewise unimpressed with his taste in music. Likewise can also mean "in addition," and "equally." Your new t-shirts sold well at the beach boutique, and likewise they sold well on line. If you want to tell someone you feel the way he does, say, "I feel likewise."

Definitions of likewise
  1. adverb
    in like or similar manner
    “"some people have little power to do good, and have likewise little strength to resist evil"- Samuel Johnson”
    synonyms: similarly
  2. adverb
    synonyms: alike
  3. adverb
    in addition
    synonyms: also, as well, besides, too
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