Your lifestyle is how you live, and it reflects who you are. You might try to look cool by adopting a rock star lifestyle of partying every night and sleeping all day, but you'd probably get pretty tired.

A lifestyle can also reflect your attitude or your personal values. For example, you might have a very conservative lifestyle, which means you don't spend money on anything trivial or unnecessary, and you don't engage in silly activities. A glamorous lifestyle means you indulge in upscale, high-profile pursuits and live luxuriously. If you've got some bad habits, your doctor might encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and get more exercise and eat more carefully.

Definitions of lifestyle
  1. noun
    a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes
    synonyms: life style, life-style, modus vivendi
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    fast lane
    a hectic and pressured lifestyle often characterized by recklessness or dissipation
    free living
    a lifestyle given to easy indulgence of the appetites
    vanity fair
    a vain and frivolous lifestyle especially in large cities
    type of:
    fashion, manner, mode, style, way
    how something is done or how it happens
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