1. cesspool a covered cistern for waste water and sewage
  2. casus belli an event used to justify starting a war
  3. assessable capable of being considered carefully
  4. Lucius Clay United States general who commanded United States forces in Europe from 1945 to 1949 and who oversaw the Berlin airlift (1897-1978)
  5. sociable inclined to or conducive to companionship with others
  6. associable capable of being associated
  7. misspell write the letters of incorrectly
  8. suasible being susceptible to persuasion
  9. sociably in a sociable manner
  10. accessible capable of being reached
  11. estoppel a rule of evidence whereby a person is barred from denying the truth of a fact that has already been settled
  12. Lebanese Hizballah a Shiite terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran
  13. plausible apparently reasonable, valid, or truthful
  14. dissociable capable of being divided or dissociated
  15. gospel the written body of teachings accepted by a religious group
  16. sizeable fairly large
  17. sizable fairly large
  18. genus Pilea low-growing tropical perennials grown for their stingless foliage
  19. Leycesteria small species of shrubs of western Himalayas to China
  20. sensible able to feel or perceive

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