If you're a laughingstock, you're the butt of jokes or the subject of mockery. If you always wear shiny purple polka-dotted pants to school, you might be a laughingstock — or you might be a trendsetter.

Someone who's a laughingstock is ridiculed or mocked, often by a group of people rather than just one or two. When you feel like a laughingstock, you're humiliated, taunted or even a victim of practical jokes and pranks. Stock was once commonly used to mean "dull recipient of some action" in now-obsolete words like "whipping-stock," "jesting-stock," and "gaping-stock."

Definitions of laughingstock
  1. noun
    a victim of ridicule or pranks
    synonyms: butt, goat, stooge
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    April fool
    the butt of a prank played on April 1st
    type of:
    dupe, victim
    a person who is tricked or swindled
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