Something that's the latest is the newest, most recent example of that thing. For example, some people always need to have the latest cellphone model, while you're perfectly happy with the one that came out three years ago.

You can listen to a singer's latest single, or read a novelist's latest book — the ones most recently written and released. The adjective latest can also describe the very most fashionable thing, like the latest hairstyle or the latest men's suit design. "The latest" is also sometimes used to mean "the news," so you could say, "Hey, have you all heard the latest on the flood at school?"

Definitions of latest
  1. adjective
    up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date
    “the very latest scientific discoveries”
    synonyms: up-to-the-minute
    occurring in or belonging to the present time
  2. adjective
    in the current fashion or style
    synonyms: a la mode, in style, in vogue, modish
    fashionable, stylish
    being or in accordance with current social fashions
  3. noun
    the most recent news or development
    “have you heard the latest?”
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    type of:
    intelligence, news, tidings, word
    information about recent and important events
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