Other forms: larks; larking; larked

A lighthearted, fun episode is a lark. You could describe the wonderful day you spent with friends exploring little fishing towns along the coast of Maine as a lark.

Often unplanned, a lark can happen when you are feeling adventurous. You might decide on a lark to audition for a reality show — and be picked! The act of trying something new like this can also be called larking. A lark is also a kind of songbird. Using lark to describe carefree fun might come from 1800s sailors' slang, skylark, to describe playing in the rigging of the ship, up high like a lark.

Definitions of lark
  1. noun
    any of numerous predominantly Old World birds noted for their singing
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    Alauda arvensis, skylark
    brown-speckled European lark noted for singing while hovering at a great height
    type of:
    oscine, oscine bird
    passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
  2. noun
    a songbird that lives mainly on the ground in open country; has streaky brown plumage
    synonyms: pipit, titlark
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    Anthus pratensis, meadow pipit
    a common pipit that is brown above and white below; widely distributed in northern and central Europe and in Asia
    type of:
    oscine, oscine bird
    passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
  3. noun
    North American songbirds having a yellow breast
    synonyms: meadowlark
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    Sturnella magna, eastern meadowlark
    a meadowlark of eastern North America
    Sturnella neglecta, western meadowlark
    a meadowlark of western North America
    type of:
    American oriole, New World oriole, oriole
    American songbird; male is black and orange or yellow
  4. noun
    any carefree episode
    synonyms: escapade
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    a sexual escapade; an illicit affair
    type of:
    diversion, recreation
    an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates
  5. verb
    play boisterously
    synonyms: cavort, disport, frisk, frolic, gambol, lark about, rollick, romp, run around, skylark, sport
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    type of:
    be at play; be engaged in playful activity; amuse oneself in a way characteristic of children
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