A lantern is an old-fashioned hand-held light, like the kind you might go looking for ghosts with. There are also modern ones — a lantern is any hand-held light with a see-through case. No ghosts necessary.

Some lanterns have an actual flame inside, but others are battery operated, like flashlights, but lanterns usually provide more light. There are also paper lanterns, which are fun for parties, and if you use a pumpkin you have yourself a jack o’ lantern. Lantern comes from the Latin lanterna, "lantern, lamp, or torch," and shares the Greek root lampein, "to shine," with the English word lamp.

Definitions of lantern

n light in a transparent protective case

Chinese lantern
a collapsible paper lantern in bright colors; used for decorative purposes
bull's-eye, dark lantern
a lantern with a single opening and a sliding panel that can be closed to conceal the light
lantern carved from a pumpkin
Type of:
an artificial source of visible illumination

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