A landscaper is someone who designs a garden, yard, patio, or another outdoor space. If your new house is surrounded by dirt, you might want to hire a landscaper to help you choose some pretty plants for your front yard.

The job of a landscaper can range from planning an enormous urban park, choosing shade-loving plants for a homeowner, or designing a school playground. Generally, any large outdoor project involving plants requires a landscaper. An experienced landscaper knows how to grade the soil, plan for weather, and lay out a garden that will both look attractive and provide usable space. This word comes from Middle Dutch roots, land, "land," and scap, "condition."

Definitions of landscaper

n someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively

landscape architect, landscape gardener, landscapist
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Andrew Jackson Downing
United States landscape architect who designed the grounds of the White House and the Capitol Building (1815-1852)
Andre Le Notre
French landscape gardener who designed many formal gardens including the parks of Versailles (1613-1700)
Frederick Law Olmsted
United States landscape architect primarily responsible for the design of Central Park in New York City (1822-1903)
Calvert Vaux
United States landscape architect (born in England) who designed Central Park (1824-1895)
Type of:
architect, designer
someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)

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