knock out

Definitions of knock out
  1. verb
    knock out a target”
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    type of:
    do away with, eliminate, extinguish, get rid of
    terminate, end, or take out
  2. verb
    knock unconscious or senseless
    “the boxing champion knocked out his opponent in a few seconds”
    synonyms: kayo, knock cold
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    type of:
    beat, beat up, work over
    give a beating to; subject to a beating, either as a punishment or as an act of aggression
  3. verb
    destroy or break forcefully
    “The windows were knocked out
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    type of:
    remove, take, take away, withdraw
    remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
  4. verb
    overwhelm with admiration
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    type of:
    overcome, overpower, overtake, overwhelm, sweep over, whelm
    overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli
  5. verb
    empty (as of tobacco) by knocking out
    knocked out a pipe”
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    type of:
    make void or empty of contents
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