Definitions of kingfish
  1. noun
    any of several food and game fishes of the drum family indigenous to warm Atlantic waters of the North American coast
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    type of:
    any of several food fishes of North American coastal waters
  2. noun
    large edible mackerel of temperate United States coastal Atlantic waters
    synonyms: Scomberomorus regalis, cero, pintado
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    type of:
    Spanish mackerel
    any of several large marine food fishes of the genus Scomberomorus
  3. noun
    small silvery marine food fish found off California
    synonyms: Genyonemus lineatus, chenfish, white croaker
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    type of:
    any of several fishes that make a croaking noise
  4. noun
    large game fish of Australia and New Zealand
    synonyms: Seriola grandis
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    type of:
    any of several fast-swimming predacious fishes of tropical to warm temperate seas
  5. noun
    the lean flesh of any of several fish caught off the Atlantic coast of the United States
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    type of:
    saltwater fish
    flesh of fish from the sea used as food
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