Other forms: kingbirds

Definitions of kingbird
  1. noun
    large American flycatcher
    synonyms: Tyrannus tyrannus
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    Arkansas kingbird, western kingbird
    a kingbird seen in western United States; head and back are pale grey and the breast is yellowish and the tail is black
    Cassin's kingbird, Tyrannus vociferans
    a kingbird seen in the southwestern United States; largely grey with a yellow abdomen
    eastern kingbird
    a kingbird that breeds in North America and winters in tropical America; distinguished by a white band on the tip of the tail
    Tyrannus domenicensis domenicensis, gray kingbird, grey kingbird, petchary
    a kingbird that breeds in the southeastern United States and winters in tropical America; similar to but larger than the eastern kingbird
    type of:
    New World flycatcher, flycatcher, tyrant bird, tyrant flycatcher
    large American birds that characteristically catch insects on the wing
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