If you marvel at the kinetic pace of popular cartoons, you are amazed at how lively and energetic the shows are. Kinetic comes from a Greek verb meaning "to move."

Used generally, kinetic can simply mean "animated," "dynamic," or "lively," but it also has more specific meanings in the realms of art and science. Kinetic drawings, sculptures, and installations have moving parts. Alexander Calder's mobiles are well-known examples of kinetic art. In physics, the phrase "kinetic energy" is used to describe the energy of motion. Any object in motion possesses kinetic energy, and this energy can be harnessed, transferred, and transformed to do work: Think of wind turning turbines to generate electricity.

Definitions of kinetic

adj relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces associated therewith

kinetic energy”

adj characterized by motion

“modern dance has been called kinetic pantomime”
in motion

adj supplying motive force

“"the complex civilization of which Rome was the kinetic center"- H.O.Taylor”
energising, energizing
dynamic, dynamical
characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality

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