To kibbitz is to offer advice and commentary when they're not asked for. It might be hard for you not to kibbitz during your younger brother's chess game, especially if you consider yourself an expert.

When you kibbitz, or kibitz, you stick your nose in where it doesn't belong, correcting mistakes or commenting on decisions that don't concern you. This verb is often used in the context of games: if you're not playing poker, but you keep whispering advice to your friend and peeking at his cards, you kibbitz. The word comes from the Yiddish kibitsen, "to offer gratuitous advice as an outsider."

Definitions of kibbitz
  1. verb
    make unwanted and intrusive comments
    synonyms: kibitz
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    type of:
    comment, notice, point out, remark
    make or write a comment on
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