1. gratuitous unnecessary and unwarranted
  2. keratitis inflammation of the cornea causing watery painful eyes and blurred vision
  3. pulchritudinous having great physical beauty
  4. carditis inflammation of the heart
  5. credits a list of acknowledgements of those who contributed to the creation of a film (usually run at the end of the film)
  6. gratitude a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation
  7. corditis inflammation of the spermatic cord
  8. paratroops infantry trained and equipped to parachute
  9. court tennis an ancient form of tennis played in a four-walled court
  10. grated cheese hard or semihard cheese grated
  11. Karaites a Jewish sect that recognizes only the Hebrew Scriptures as the source of divinely inspired legislation and denies the authority of the postbiblical tradition of the Talmud; the sect arose in Iraq in the eighth century
  12. crudites raw vegetables cut into bite-sized strips and served with a dip
  13. keratectasia abnormal bulging of the cornea of the eye
  14. prototype a standard or typical example
  15. carotid body a chemoreceptor located near the bifurcations of the carotid arteries; monitors oxygen content of the blood and helps control respiration
  16. chorditis inflammation of the vocal cords
  17. Cordaites tall Paleozoic trees superficially resembling modern screw pines; structurally intermediate in some ways between cycads and conifers
  18. keratotomy surgical incision into the cornea
  19. great white hope someone expected to achieve great success in a given field
  20. grateful feeling or showing thankfulness