A kangaroo is a large animal that leaps or springs on its big, strong back legs and uses its heavy tail for balance. If you visit Australia (or the zoo), you may see a kangaroo.

Kangaroos are known for their habits of sitting upright and springing great distances. Female kangaroos have pouches in which they carry their babies. The word kangaroo is thought to come from a now-extinct Aboriginal language's word for a specific kind of kangaroo, gaNurru or gang-oo-roo. A "kangaroo court" is one that operates outside of the law, often with the intention of quickly (and unjustly) trying someone for a crime.

Definitions of kangaroo
  1. noun
    any of several herbivorous leaping marsupials of Australia and New Guinea having large powerful hind legs and a long thick tail
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    Macropus giganteus, giant kangaroo, great grey kangaroo
    very large greyish-brown Australian kangaroo formerly abundant in open wooded areas
    brush kangaroo, wallaby
    any of various small or medium-sized kangaroos; often brightly colored
    Hypsiprymnodon moschatus, musk kangaroo
    small kangaroo of northeastern Australia
    kangaroo rat, rat kangaroo
    any of several rabbit-sized ratlike Australian kangaroos
    Macropus agiles, common wallaby
    a small wallaby having a height of 30 inches
    hare wallaby, kangaroo hare
    small Australian wallaby that resembles a hare and has persistent teeth
    nail-tailed kangaroo, nail-tailed wallaby
    small wallabies with a horny nail on the tip of the tail
    rock kangaroo, rock wallaby
    slender long-legged Australian wallabies living in caves and rocky areas
    paddymelon, pademelon
    small reddish-brown wallabies of scrubby areas of Australia and New Guinea
    tree kangaroo, tree wallaby
    arboreal wallabies of New Guinea and northern Australia having hind and forelegs of similar length
    Australian rat kangaroos
    short-nosed rat kangaroo
    jerboa kangaroo, kangaroo jerboa
    brush-tailed rat kangaroo
    type of:
    marsupial, pouched mammal
    mammals of which the females have a pouch (the marsupium) containing the teats where the young are fed and carried
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