A joke is a funny story or line that's meant to make people laugh. When you're good at telling jokes, you're the life of the party (and you're probably not telling knock-knock jokes).

Many jokes have a "punch line," the part that either makes your listeners guffaw or groan, depending on how funny it is. The rest of the joke leads up to this climax. Another kind of joke is the "practical" sort, a prank, gag, or trick you play on someone. In the 1660s the word was spelled joque and was considered slang. It comes from the Latin root iocus, "joke, sport, or pastime."

Definitions of joke
  1. noun
    a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter
    “he told a very funny joke
    synonyms: gag, jape, jest, laugh
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    belly laugh, howler, riot, scream, sidesplitter, thigh-slapper, wow
    a joke that seems extremely funny
    blue joke, blue story, dirty joke, dirty story
    an indelicate joke
    ethnic joke
    a joke at the expense of some ethnic group
    funny, funny remark, funny story, good story
    an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line)
    a joke that is appreciated only by members of some particular group of people
    a one-line joke
    shaggy dog story
    a long rambling joke whose humor derives from its pointlessness
    sick joke
    a joke in bad taste
    sight gag, visual joke
    a joke whose effect is achieved by visual means rather than by speech (as in a movie)
    type of:
    humor, humour, wit, witticism, wittiness
    a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter
  2. noun
    activity characterized by good humor
    synonyms: jest, jocularity
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    drollery, waggery
    a quaint and amusing jest
    leg-pull, leg-pulling
    as a joke: trying to make somebody believe something that is not true
    an agreeable or amusing remark
    type of:
    diversion, recreation
    an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates
  3. noun
    a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement
    synonyms: antic, caper, prank, put-on, trick
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    dirty trick
    an unkind or aggressive trick
    practical joke
    a prank or trick played on a person (especially one intended to make the victim appear foolish)
    April fool
    a practical joke or trick played on the first day of April
    a practical joke that involves inserting a match surreptitiously between the sole and upper of the victim's shoe and then lighting it
    a boisterous practical joke (especially by college students)
    snipe hunt
    an elaborate practical joke in which the unsuspecting victim hunts a snipe and is typically left in the dark holding a bag and waiting for the snipe to run into it
    type of:
    diversion, recreation
    an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates
  4. noun
    a triviality not to be taken seriously
    “I regarded his campaign for mayor as a joke
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    type of:
    pettiness, puniness, slightness, triviality
    the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous
  5. verb
    tell a joke; speak humorously
    “He often jokes even when he appears serious”
    synonyms: jest
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    gag, quip
    make jokes or quips
    fool, fool around, horse around
    indulge in horseplay
    make a play on words
    type of:
    communicate, intercommunicate
    transmit thoughts or feelings
  6. verb
    act in a funny or teasing way
    synonyms: jest
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    antic, clown, clown around
    act as or like a clown
    type of:
    act, behave, do
    behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself
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