Do you like to make a lot of jokes? Are you often silly? Are you usually happy? If so, then you are a jocular person.

Being jocular has to do with being both jokey and fun. A jocular suggestion is not a serious suggestion — it's a joke. Some people are more jocular than others: anyone who is ultra-serious and always frowning is not jocular. A comedian makes a job of being jocular. Class clowns can't stop being jocular, though the teacher might just see them as obnoxious. Being jocular is usually considered a good thing: it's not just about making a lot of jokes; it's about being happy and pleasant to be around.

Definitions of jocular

adj characterized by jokes and good humor

jesting, jocose, joking
humorous, humourous
full of or characterized by humor

adv with humor


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