To jingle is to make a sound like pieces of metal jangling together, like those bells people sing about at Christmas. A jingle is also a funny little poem or song.

Have you ever heard a dog's metal tags banging together? That sound is called a jingle. A jingle is a metallic sound — a cowboy's spurs and a set of keys being shaken both jingle. If you drop a bunch of change on the ground, it will jingle. A jingle is also a bit of comic poetry, like a little song. Jingles are often made as advertisements because they tend to be catchy.

Definitions of jingle
  1. noun
    a metallic sound
    “the jingle of coins”
    synonyms: jangle
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    type of:
    the sudden occurrence of an audible event
  2. verb
    make a sound typical of metallic objects
    “The keys were jingling in his pocket”
    synonyms: jangle, jingle-jangle
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    type of:
    make noise, noise, resound
    emit a noise
  3. noun
    a comic verse of irregular measure
    synonyms: doggerel, doggerel verse
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    type of:
    rhyme, verse
    a piece of poetry
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