To jiggle is to move very quickly back and forth or up and down. If you ride in a car over bumpy roads holding a bowl of Jello on your lap, you can watch it jiggle until you reach your destination.

You might feel your body jiggle when you ride on a galloping horse, and you can also jiggle something, like when you accidentally jiggle a chess board and send the pieces flying. The action of moving in this way is a jiggle. Jiggle comes from jig, "lively dance," and is probably an alteration of the earlier joggle, "move with jerks or small bobs."

Definitions of jiggle

v move to and fro

“Don't jiggle your finger while the nurse is putting on the bandage!”
joggle, wiggle
wag, waggle
move from side to side
Type of:
agitate, shake
move or cause to move back and forth

n a slight irregular shaking motion

Type of:
the act of causing something to move up and down (or back and forth) with quick movements

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