jet set

The jet set is a group of wealthy, chic people who are able to travel frequently. If you're a member of the jet set, you might even have a private plane to fly you across the globe for an exclusive party in Beijing.

Before there was a jet set, there was "café society," a set of people rich enough to spend their days in fashionable restaurants, bars, and cafés. In the early 1950s, the journalist Igor Cassini coined the phrase jet set for a similar group, one wealthy enough to take advantage of the new commercial air liner and its expensive, quick flights. As air travel became accessible to more people, jet set began to be used much less often.

Definitions of jet set
  1. noun
    a set of rich and fashionable people who travel widely for pleasure
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    type of:
    band, circle, lot, set
    an unofficial association of people or groups
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