Jello is a sweet, fruit-flavored food that's thickened with gelatin. When you're recovering from having your wisdom teeth removed, jello may be the only thing you feel like eating for a while.

Desserts made with gelatin are often generally referred to as jello (or jelly in the U.K.) although the official trademarked name is Jell-O. This light, sweet treat is a favorite of kids who like its bright colors and jiggly consistency. It's also common in hospitals, since eating jello is an easy way for patients to get extra hydration. So-called "jello salads" contain fruit, marshmallows, and nuts, suspended within the molded jello.

Definitions of jello
  1. noun
    fruit-flavored dessert (trade mark Jell-O) made from a commercially prepared gelatin powder
    synonyms: Jell-O
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    type of:
    gelatin dessert
    jellied dessert made with gelatin and fruit juice or water
    a substance that forms a gel with water
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