As a noun, jeer is the act of scoffing, taunting, or mocking. Think of it as an anti-cheer. If you offer cheers for the visiting team and jeers for the home team, you might not be too popular in the stands.

As a verb, jeer means to laugh at in a mean way. Even if you did forget the words to the national anthem, it wasn't polite for the crowd to jeer. But don't feel too bad: the last singer remembered all the words and they jeered her anyway! Tough crowd.

Definitions of jeer
  1. verb
    laugh at with contempt and derision
    “The crowd jeered at the speaker”
    synonyms: barrack, flout, gibe, scoff
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    type of:
    bait, cod, rag, rally, razz, ride, tantalise, tantalize, taunt, tease, twit
    harass with persistent criticism or carping
  2. noun
    showing your contempt by derision
    synonyms: jeering, mockery, scoff, scoffing
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    type of:
    contemptuous laughter
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